Bear Mtn. v. Snow Summit

I'm new to the area and am skiing with a friend for one day next week who is also not a local. We are advanced skiers and need to decide between Bear Mtn. and Snow Summit. I've been to Bear Mtn. and wasn't that thrilled -- 80% boarders and the two decent lifts were not connected. There was one steep run at the top, but it got old after a while.

Is Snow Summit better? We're looking for the most advanced runs possible in the area, including any bumps, shutes, etc.

I know these resorts aren't Jackson Hole in terms of difficulty and I'm not expecting serious black diamond stuff, but I'm hoping Summit is better than Bear Mtn. Your input is appreciated!

new to area - just want to ski

hello everyone - i am visiting the LA area next week and would like to ski one day - I hope someone can steer me in the right direction, as I am completely unfamiliar to the area. I grew up in the san francisco bay area and have skied tahoe since the 70s - so i guess you can guess my age! i'm "still" advanced intermediate SKIER and would just like a nice day on the slopes by myself - no styling, fewest boarders whizzing overhead, get the picture? thanks in advance for any suggestions on which resort to visit - Mt. baldy, mt. waterman, snow summit, bear mountain - Pamela

Bear Mtn. v. Snow Summit


I think both of those mountains are about the same. When the snow is great, I believe you'd find the hardest skiing at Mt Baldy. Its an older resort but has the most challenging runs around. Hopefully we'll get another good snow, because the mountain faces north, and the snow melts quickly.

Where to Ski this spring


I just took my sister and kids to Snow summit, they had a great time. She and her daughter ski and there son boarded. Bear mtn. has more snowboarder and jump/rails. Summit is more family oriented. Mtn. high is a choice too, but has a lot of boarders.
It may actually snow this week, if you are into driving, Sierra summit is fun too. Or of coarse Mammoth.