Unlimited Skiing and Snowboarding at Mt Baldy for Only $25.00 a Month

Mt Baldy Ski Lifts launch program that provides guests with unlimited skiing and snowboarding for only $25.00 a month.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to reduce the cost of skiing and snowboarding for our guests, and we have developed another on with the Club Baldy program. To our knowledge this is a unique program and that no other ski resort in the country has anything similar,” states Ron Ellingson President of Mt Baldy Ski Lifts in Southern California.

Mt Baldy is the closest ski resort to most of Southern California., located about 25 minutes north of Upland and Claremont off the 210 freeway. Mt Baldy Ski Lifts introduced the virtual season pass program which is still as popular as ever.

“The new Club Baldy program provides all the benefits of a full season pass for only $25.00 a month. The price of one regular all day lift ticket is $69.00, so members are already ahead of the game on the first visit of the month.”

Dues can be made monthly or save the activation fee with a single payment for the year.

Skiers and snowboards that have already purchased season passes for 2012/13 can transfer monies paid to a Club Baldy membership program.

Ellingson continues, “Members do not need to make reservations, and there’s no waiting at the ticket office just go straight to the lift with your membership card.”

“We understand that the term “membership” strikes fear in people minds that they are will be locked into a long term contract, like cell phones. With a Club Baldy membership it’s month to month and you may opt out at any time without any penalty whatsoever.”

“We know that some will join the program for the ski season and then opt out but we are hoping that members will see the benefits to Club Baldy on a year round basis.”

“Many still don’t realise that Mt Baldy is open during the summer months for hiking, mountain biking, sightseeing or just for those that enjoy mountain top dining. Members enjoy unlimited free chairlift rides year round.”

“Included in the membership is free entrance to numerous events such as the “Rock at the Top”, Ski Movie Premieres, Moonlight Hikes, Stargazing and Sunset Dinners (food not included).

“In todays economic climate people are watching every dollar especially money spent in non essential categories like entertainment. Our Club Baldy program is an inexpensive alternative for individulas or families to be outdoors getting exercise or simply enjoy the clean mountain air,” concludes Ellingson.

The number of Club Baldy memberships is restricted and will be issued on a first come, first served basis. Initially a nominal activation fee and the first and last months dues are required.

For more information please go to http://www.MtBaldySkiLifts.com or call 909 982 0800.