choosing baldy forum as it's the closes from me...

what do you guys recommend for a complete beginner? i've never seem snow in my life before.

i want to try ski and board.

Which one are the best mountains to go for the first time?

What gear should i buy beforehand?

Any good learning material online?

thanks. appreciated any tip!

Dont buy yet

Try both and see what you like more. Skiing is safer and easier to .02

Rent first and see what you like b4 spending a ton of money.

You need winter/waterproof pants and jacket, base layers, gloves, beanie and helmet to get started, then go rent the skis and boots.

As for where is the best beginner area; if money isnt a big deal, Bear Mountain prob has the best beginner area in socal. Long wide easy runs. Bunny hills at baldy are short and sparce, and snow summits beginner hill is way short.

Hire a local ski guide or get a Patient friend to teach you. If you cant do that, go get ski beginner lessons at a resort