Current Mt. Baldy Snow Report

Any word on the current snow report from this last storm? Their website hasn't been updated yet.

Anyone know about the road conditions?


Mount Baldy Road Conditions Forbid Access 12-26-2010

My family and I planned a great weekend and a great winter at this resort. So far I was wrong.

We drove up Christmas day after a great dumping and although the website reported "road open to residents and customers," it was open for residents only and we were turned back and threatened with citation from SBD Police.

I emailed customer service and they apologized and I checked this morning, 12-26-2010, and road was reported as "open." We arrived by 7:45AM this morning and again rounded the barricade only to be stopped by road crew representative who explained "15 tons of boulders were already filling the 4 major holes...but asphalt won't be up with road open until after New Years." He also reported that police were "on the way and giving citations to anyone" where I was.

We believed him and turned around only to arrive home to read on Mount Baldy Website "ROAD HAS BEEN REOPENED." I read this at 12 noon 2 wasted days, 6 hrs of driving and 3/4 gas tank for a Holiday Weekend Downer!



Have a super winter fellow riders. =)

Million Mexican March

A warning to all who are going to hit Baldy for the Holidays. The Million Mexican March has launched. It seems like all of East LA and Mexico City have invaded The Mountains. Beware! Leave early because these idiots (thousands of them) all decide to drive up with 8 per car, then park it in the middle of the road, leave their trash and diapers all over the fresh snow, and everywhere else. There is no control or help from The SB or LA county Sheriff and little is done by the forestry either. Something like 100 thousand cars are cramming up Baldy road, and like none of them ski! Just roaming in peoples yards, throwing trash around, and sledding into the street on a trashcan lid, which they usually always leave behind. There had never been a better example of why birth control is needed for "Latinos" as this. It's a shame the mountains get ruined every Winter, and the people who want to actually utilize the Ski Area can't even get there!

The way you described all

The way you described all that was totally unnecessary, it seems you have the IQ of a hub cap or just plain racist, but either way welcome to southern California, where the minority is actually your dumb ass white race, so get used to it grab a burritos and start learning the language which by the way its Spanish dumb ass.

last i checked this was a

last i checked this was a free country and its to bad to read your balony,maybe you should move to oregon.


As far as I know, Mt. Baldy is a public snow area for all to enjoy. I imagine that being in close proximity to LA might explain why so many people of all backgrounds head up to the slopes. Did you think you owned it? Go back to your shack in the woods and be a hermit, Mr. Grinch. Better yet, move to Siberia where you'll have all the snow you like. I love your holiday spirit...


"As far as you know Mt Baldy is a public snow area for all to enjoy"? How bout for all to DESTROY?

I too am sick of the trash and traffic that they leave behind. They come up in droves and trash the place. So THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO BE THERE IF THEY TREAT IT LIKE A DUMP! How bout if we decide to go down to The hood and block all the streets then dump all our trash right on their front yards? Might as well spray paint a few rocks and walls while were at it. Two word for them. GO HOME. Comprende?

STOP WHINING, It's CA for God's sake!!

Thank God none of you idiots have a say on who can or cannot use the area. It's a recreation area and whites have just as much to blame for the nonsense that goes on as well. Lots of teens treat this place like shit too, they run around unchecked by their beer drinking parents harrassing other kids and leaving their shit around too. They park on the streets as well, don't respect your yard and don't care about blocking in the residents on this area and God forbid you try to block up your own home by putting signs, they also don't give a shit!!! Everyone competes for parking and it includes us too. It's the norm here by pretty much everyone who shows up regardless of where they come from. One person sets the example and the rest follow. Pretty much everything you say is just out of HATE bro. I used to complaint about all the traffic that goes through, but you gotta realize this is a very popular spot,people are gonna come through cause they just want to enjoy the snow and you'll just have to deal with it. You're gonna be this picky about who comes and goes anywhere in CA, you're pretty stupid to think any area is gonna be closed off to hispanics latinos whatever, or anyone else for that matter. It's CA, DEAL WITH IT AND STOP BEING SUCH A WHINER!!

Road opened today

Ya sucks that the storm was so insane, took out the road, but I saw the road opened to the top today. Should be great with 3 feet plus of freshies.

discount passes and lift tickets for Baldy

With 4 feet of powder It's on! discounted season pass for $119 or day tickets discounted too.! Copy link to get hooked up. ski ya..Another storm Wednesday/ Thursday?


I went dec 26th to dec 30. It was epic. I rode facelift, 23, and 14 the entire day. I hit up cornic, paranoids, scottys, aribba, santiago. It was amazing. Deep fluffy packed powder. You could ride from any part of the peak to the bottom. It was amazing best skiing ive had in a while. They need more snow. Towards chair 9 was spring conditions and the wind slammed the backside last day icing everything on the top ridge. The bowls were covered from wind. The crowds were heavy chopping the runs into moguls by the end of the day. Epic overall. Epic must go back.


i was there the same days and found fresh powder on the 29th on hemlock ridge


more storms on the way for this week. possibly snowing from monday to friday, thats kinda stretching it but somebody post what it is like after those storms. im in mammoth from the 26th-30th so i wont be able to get to baldy or waterman.

Nice ill be in mammoth as

Nice ill be in mammoth as well. Looks like a good weekend to go up with a little break in the storm but lots of snow still coming down up there.


yeh, looks like they will have a ton of snow by then, and i hope chair 9 area is open by then cuz they seem to be having problems with thin coverage and avalanches


anyone go today? i heard it was epic. im going tomorrow. i will post a trip review. the guy i talked to said it was like being in utah and he said tomorrow should b good, look in the chair 4 trees ;). he also said it might be a bit cut up but ima find my powpow and it will atlest be better than saturday altho they may get an inch or two friday night but its gunna be hella crowded


ya I went 12/18 it started with a massive backup at the bottom of the 330 with nooby drivers putting chains on in the middle of the road not even close to the required chain area. This sucked 30 min of time and gas so I had to go refill. I decided to go the 38, it was closed with locals only allowed on the road. So I went back to the 330. Wow it was open for 4 miles before you caught up to the nooby chain gang again. This took 30 min again just to get the the chain required area. So we threw the chains on and then realized by the time we got to big bear dam at 20 mph from the bottom that it was already 12pm and the bridge across big bear lake was snowed in. So they routed traffic around the lake and back into the city. OMG AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa I got on the mountain at 1pm and bought a half day. And the mother fucking faggot ass snow summit workers closed the lifts at 3:45. Fuck these people I will never ride bear or summit. Bunch of jews and suck your money. Everyone on the hill got there late and the vibes were anger and ready to pull someones head off. I got almost got into 3 fights. Gay stare downs from some mooks on the lift line. Everyone was pissed yelling at the workers on the bottom when they closed the lift at 3:45. I dont know what to say man it was epic snow conditions. The bowl had like 5feet I couldnt stop or put my pole down just ride the fluff out. Only got 3 hrs to ski. If you look at the pics of summit on there site for 12/18 you will notice that theres only like 4 people on the mountain. This is because the roads were fucked and no one got a full day to ski. Summit made mad money today and they used the excuse of closing their lifts early to get you to stay. Corporate duece fags. If I didnt have ski boots on I would choke out and stomp some moth fucking heads. I didnt come to smell the fresh air and star at snow for my first time. I came with mission powder shreading and I only got 3 hrs of a tease. Monkeys run the mountain and the city. Lazy and unwilling to clear the bridge untill 7pm when we left bear and it still wasnt open. CHP closed 38 to locals only what the fuck man. Seriously bitch shit. I am furious. Hopefully there will be another epic storm and no fools to ruin it the next clear day after. Ill see you on the mountain.

Sounds like you were too

Sounds like you were too stupid to plan your trip better. Maybe you should take the responsibility on yourself then blaming others. As for your choice of wording. I surmise that your parents didn't raise you right. Do us all a favor and learn some manners kid.

To the time

To the time please just run over yourself with with your own car.. Please don't go to Baldy.. Please leave the planet


So you rant about jews and fags? Well fuck you...


total bummer, you shoulda gone to baldy heard it was epic yesterday. i was up there today, not quite as epic as whoever was there yesterday chewed the whole place up. powder not quite as dry anymore and chair 4 powder turn to slush by the time they opened the lift

I know your allready pissed,

I know your allready pissed, but I think highway2 was asking about Mt. Baldy -- NOT Snow Summit. Snow Summit isn't even on the same mountain range. heh =P

Nevertheless... sorry to hear you had a bad day. I plan to head up to Baldy tomorrow morning, so I will post my thoughts on Sunday.

We are open in full

We are open in full operation for skiing, boarding, and snow tubing. All lifts and most all runs will be opening as we can dig out from this new storm. Open from 8am to 4:30pm.

2-3 foot base and 18-24

2-3 foot base and 18-24 inches of new snow since yesterday. Chair #1 open to the parking lot. Powder and pack powder conditions. Excellent snow conditons. Roads are open chains and 4-wheel drive required. Clear skys great weather. Fantastistic snow!


that base is now at 3-5 feet! very nice early season conditions

Awesome! Though, I don't

Awesome! Though, I don't have a 4WD vehicle -- do you think the roads will be clear by this weekend?