Angeles Crest Hwy (CA Hwy 2) now open from La Canada to Wrightwood

Today was a beautiful day to take a drive along Angeles Crest Hwy. It is now open from La Canada to Wrightwood, with some snow still at higher elevations. I suggest you get up there and check it out before this Sunday, as the approaching storm may bring conditions sufficient for it to close again very soon. The road crews are still working hard repairing areas damaged by the Station Fire. The Forest Service is patroling and making certain everyone know that, although the road is open, the forest land is actually still closed for vistiors due to safety concerns. Waterman has a few inches of snow down below and probably close to a foot at the top. The fire came very close! Newcomb's is open--I'd say they really dodged a bullet!

cool, on cal trans it says

cool, on cal trans it says you need chains but I guess they are kind of conservative.