Waterman to reopen this weekend?

Their website was updated, to say that it will soon be updated. Snow phone will apparently be updated as well.


There were less than 60 cars

There were less than 60 cars in the lot today.Longest line I waited in was LESS than 3 minutes.Excellent snow,great coverage,fun terrain.All lifts were operating.FUN FUN FUN !!!

I will be there Sat early.I

I will be there Sat early.I posted the reply below this 1.

Re: Waterman this weekend

FYI--The alternate route is 42.3 miles from Oro Vista and Sunland (Foothill) to Waterman, and without any traffic or delays it took me exactly one hour to drive this distance. It's really only about 15-20 min further than taking Hwy 2 direct. For this weekend, I would leave real, real early in order to get parking. It will be busy!

Open this Fri,Sat &

Open this Fri,Sat & Sun.Check their website as the driving directions are kinda long.Will be there Sat bright and early.

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It's open went today powder

It's open went today powder was nice :D


TOMORROW. will not be attending due to prior commitments. baldy possibly sunday

looks like if they get the

looks like if they get the needed snow, it should open!

More Coming Colder!!!

Its dumping baby. Well have 3ft of fresh by the time this is over maybe more. Theres another system thats denser behind this one I think colder too.