Snow Summit v. Bear Mtn.

I'm new to the area and am skiing with a friend for one day next week who is also not a local. We are advanced skiers and need to decide between Bear Mtn. and Snow Summit. I've been to Bear Mtn. and wasn't that thrilled -- 80% boarders and the two decent lifts were not connected. There was one steep run at the top, but it got old after a while.

Is Snow Summit better? We're looking for the most advanced runs possible in the area, including any bumps, shutes, etc.

I know these resorts aren't Jackson Hole in terms of difficulty and I'm not expecting serious black diamond stuff, but I'm hoping Summit is better than Bear Mtn. Your input is appreciated!

wow, old post!

Seriously, someone replied to this recently? ;) Hope your trip went well.

For the most challenging local skiing, Mt. Waterman or Mt. Baldy are the best. Baldy has the best steeps south of Mammoth.

Hopefully Waterman will have a longer season this year. Baldy's new reservoir might make things more interesting there.

Go north

If you have the time you might as well head to Mammoth or one the the northern california multiple resorts which will probably offer you more of what your looking for...a change..


snow summit is a better skiers mountain

I agree. Snow Summit is not

I agree. Snow Summit is not to rad for the boards. Bear Mountain is a nice place to hit up for a saturday.

Agreed. Summit is way better

Agreed. Summit is way better for boards than skiis.

fantasy swords

Snow summit better than Bear Mt.

Snow Summit is superior in every way. Better jumps, wide open slopes, less crowds, better view!