Mt High North Construction

Mt High North Construction

looks like

reminds me of watermans warming hut

dont you just love the

dont you just love the Mountains?

Yes when theres snow lots

Yes when theres snow lots and lots of snow.



Snow Predicted Next Week

Snow is predicted next week. If itll be a lot of little is unknown. But weather channel says thur - sat.


but the amounts and snow level are both a little shaky. as long as there is no rain at the areas im good

Its going to dump

I see it starting Wend night and dumping for almost a week straight. Mammoth Lakes is going to get dumped on. Google earth shows a line of low pressure heading our way and High is over Vancouver. The storms are headed right at us. Im so stoked!!!


too bad because all the reports i see have it all as rain for the mountains, the temp never getting below 35