Powder day @ Baldy

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Mount Baldy
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23 Jan 2010
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Got up early Saturday morning and made it to the parking lot without putting chains on the 4 wheel drive. CHP said there was no way without chains, but the 4x4 in front of me and myself had no problems and this was about 7:00 am.
The ticket window line was not bad maybe 15 min. Waited in line at Chair 1 for the lift to open about 15 min. At the top of Chair 1 I could see chair 3 was spinning so that is where I headed.
Now for the review:
There was 12 inches+ of new, dry, light snow on Thunder mountain. Previous days storms had dropped several feet of wetter snow making for a good base. The sun was out and it was one of those few days at baldy when everything was perfect, no wind, bluebird, lots of snow and no lift lines. First 2 runs were down Emile's through the trees and it was phenomenal. Consistently boot high powder with those occasional pockets of knee deep. The next 5 runs were over in South Bowl. Each run I moved over a little more and never crossed tracks. The snow there was even deeper. Never hit bottom, no rocks, truly a magical place to ski.
My last run was up Chair 4 (By know everyone had mad it up the hill and the lines were growing fast) Skied down to the parking lot. Linking turn after turn all the way down in fresh powder I was grinning ear to ear.
I try to hit Baldy most days after a storm and this was one of the best days I can remember. Conditions were great, terrain is steep and with the $49.00 virtual pass it is just the way I like Baldy: Steep, Deep and Cheap.


I went that day too. Got to a about 4 miles from the parking lot at 6:45 and the traffic was ridiculous. People stopping to put chains on as directed by the CHPs. I have a Jeep 4x4 with snow tires and the donkey made us put chains on. I've driven every major and smaller resort in CA, CO, UT, NV, and all other places in that Jeep in far worse dumps and NEVER had to put chains on yet some rookie CHP made us put them on about 2 miles before the snow line even. What a major let down. By the time we got parked and up the lift, everything was tracked out and it was 11:30. We could have driven to Mammoth in that time! BUT, we did get two runs from the top of chair 3 all he way down out of bounds to the campsites down the road. They were the best So Cal runs I've ever taken, but it was a lot of work for 2 runs. Snow was epic though.