Snowboarding saved the industry - but created the worst traffic I've ever seen

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Snow Summit
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30 Jan 2010
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The traffic
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2 minutes
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I'm a 42-year-old Gen Xer who learned how to ski from Fuzz Merritt at the now defunct Mt. Baldy rope tow back in the mid-70s. I was skiing for twenty years before I ever saw a snowboard. Sometime in early to mid-90s, when I realized that snowboarding was here to stay, I decided to strap on a board and give it a shot. I figured I was still young enough, in my 20s, to not look like a fool doing it. I lasted just one run before I went back to rental shop and traded the board for some skis. Nothing against snowboarding, but I was used to the poles and the freedom of movement with my feet. Not to mention the tedium of strapping the board on and off at the lift. I've always been an old soul and I love skiing too much to let it go.

Let me say it again, I've got nothing against snowboarding. I really believe that you guys saved the industry. When I go skiing nowadays, I see a diverse crowd of young and old, and a melting pot of racial backgrounds. Something I didn't see too much of back in the 70s and early 80s. Because of the popularity of snowboarding, places like Mountain High, Snow Summit, Bear Mountain, Snow Valley, and even Mt. Baldy have stepped up their services to cater to the needs of snowboarders (i.e. benches at the top of the lifts, jumps, freestyle terrain, etc.).

My only complaint I have now is the crowds! I used to be a weekend skiier when I was a kid. Yes there were crowds back then, but not like now. I went night skiing at Snow Summit on Saturday 1/30/10 and it took me over one hour to get from Snow Valley to Snow Summit! How ridiculous is that? A couple of years ago I went to Mountain High on a Saturday and waited in a line of cars that started before the Wrightwood Village and extended all the way up to the lifts!

No more weekend skiing for me, unless its at Mt. Waterman. When its open, which is rarely because of the slacker city of Los Angeles department of Caltrans takes its time to clear the roads, and the snow is good, Waterman is the place to be. Crowds are limited, maybe because there is no rental shop, so most skier/riders have their own equipment and have skiing/riding skills because of the challenging face. I also love the tailgating that goes on in the parking lot.

From now on, I'll only do Waterman on the weekends and call in sick during the week if I'm going to go anywhere else.

Industry saved?

That sounds like a blessing in disguise. Personally, I do ONLY cross-country skiing precisely because my time outdoors is precious and I cannot stand the crowded down-hill resorts. How can it possibly be a fun experience paying mucho $$$ to stand in line for 20 minutes or more for a lift ride just to get a 2-minute rush down the slide, feeling like you can be hit any moment by a skier from behind, all the while surrounded by screaming, loud, obnoxious aggressive show-off teenagers and their Sarah Palin-supporting parents?

"Saved the Industry"? uhh

Dude sorry to say you sound a lot older than 42.