MT BALDY Real skiing! not wining.

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Mount Baldy
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18 Feb 2008
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10 (Perfect)
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Packed powder
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I loved: 
nightmare/ Pschout chutes/ big butch main chute
I hated: 
people who think they rip but complain about "the conditions"
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Goin out to the lower Avy chutes above the parking lot with Shane and Mike/Dropping into Big Butch and Movie/main chute hike from the top.

Then later airing over the small trees at the top of chair 3, then dropping the rock at the bottom of 3, then big hit at "Parachute Jump." Laps on 3, huge fast turns.... Then back to chair one getting Nighmare, Windslab and Psychout chute.... so sick.

To the guy who was all pissed at Baldy on here that did a review and gave it a "1". I really would like to see you ski. I guess it sucks you had a bad day up there, but seriously I am not sure if I trust what you said, or what lever skier you really are. All the skiers I roll with are at the pro level, and we found and always do know where to find the best snow and shots. So if its windy or icy use your knowledge and "skills" and go to where the sun bakes on the south facing shots if its icy or hardpack, If its super windy go inside the bowls, or into the trees where the snow is loading up, but just try not to be such a winer about how bad everything "sucks" because WE know the real story about Baldy. Its So Cal's ONLY true Big Mountain skiing outside of Mammoth (If you really call Mammoth So Cal.) I don't.
There is no way that that anyone that really knows about freeskiing Real chutes and bowls will belive your crap about your wining. Sure weather can turn things ugly, but you have to know where the shots are good. Often times they are not on the main runs, especially when the wind or weather can get bad. So it makes no difference if you go back or not, Maybe Mtn High is more your level. Just know that there are rippers that ski Baldy everyday that know what is "good" any day, whether its full on Powder or hardpack or even dust on crust. We are up there dropping cliffs, straightlining chutes and making huge fast turns. Powder mag, Freeze, skiing mag, and snowboarder mag have all done great stories on Baldy. They get it! And so do we. If you don't that's ok... stay at Big Bear or where ever else. We won't mind at all.


Baldy's lifts are downright

Baldy's lifts are downright unsafe, and you can call us wimps all you want. Baldy called some truck road road a green run, and you couldn't snowboard on it, period, you needed poles and skis, this is a skiier's mountain, don't bother snowboarding here unless you have junk of a board you want to run over rocks all day. So I went off the edge chute and brought my 10 year old son and he met up with the other trails. I don't get the back country thing, and you have to take one lift to the 3/4 of the mark cuz only the top 1/4 was actually open, it's a bogus business practice. That road had not even a half inch of snow, we walked. the lefts need to get re-done, and snowmaking efforts need to boost, but then again our visit was in 2007 and it was JUNK. I am trying to be useful and I'll say DON'T GO SNOWBOARDING HERE, SKIIERS ONLY...

sounds like you need to stay away

hhaaaaaa KOOK !!!!!!

Think of helping others

After reading the thread, I have no doubts I am facing the passionate ones.

Is it though that all of the about was to steam out?
Which would be okay, to me.

it is Internet, not your private tech-remote (pro-)opponent arguments talkie-walkie.
Remember, we all are here, reading & listening.

Do you think you could contribute?
- Then do it.
No problem if not, just state it clearly, aka: I am here to express myself.

It's a pity to waste valuable resources, it's always true!
You could be way more useful to the millions out there.

Thank you.



gonna be deep!

If you don't have a season pass already.. get hooked up on an all day lift pass to Baldy on this discount ski deal link. copy and paste.!

It's going to be a great Spring up there! 3 more storms coming


Thanx for posting, picked up two discounted ski tix, and was up last week for the powder, and will be up again for this next storm. 1,000 ft snowlevel!! Ski down to Upland!!

Baldy 3 feet of pow

here is the link for the discount lift tickets!

Some good deals in there..

Mt Baldy Special Ski Season Passes for 2010-11 – Only $99

Last season our virtual season passes were extremely popular.
The Mt Baldy Chamber of Commerce has negotiated again with Ski Area and can offer ski season passes for 2010-11 for only $99.00!

A special season pass for just $99. For the price of less than 2 regular all day lift tickets you can ski or snowboard all season. In essence after your first two visits you are skiing for FREE.

There are a few conditions. While there aren’t any blackout dates, online reservations are required for every visit. Reservations must be made at least midnight the prior day.

A physical pass will not be issued. Instead skier information is maintained in a Ticket Office database, just present valid picture ID on arrival.

A Mt Baldy special season pass is probably the best deal available at any ski resort anywhere!

This is a limited time offer and may be withdrawn at any time without notice by the Ski Area. We do know that if the offer is still available on September 1st the price will increase. The offer will definitely expire when we open for skiing.

You can purchase as many passes as you need while the offer is still in effect.

These passes are only available through the Mt Chamber of Commerce and cannot be purchased directly from the Ski Area.

Grab yours here and tell your friends, relatives and co-workers so they take advantage too.

Keith Hunt
Mt Baldy Chamber of Commerce


I have lived in or skied/snowboarded many many ski areas from the rockies to the san gabriels to whistler. If the snow sucks the skiing sucks... I was in mammoth January of 1991 and they only had chairs 1 and 2 open. EVERY ski area is only as good as its snow. 1998 So Cal had 10+ foot bases, Baldy's runs are as good as mammoth with that much snow. Baldy's lifts, lifties, parks, and road will always suck. Basically I see local ski areas as better than hiking for my turns. I have lived in Jackson, Squaw, Park City, Breck, and Mammoth for full winters. No, Baldy will not compare to those places due to size, but they are not sitting above the loverly LA smog. A few days doing laps up on the thunder chair, will get you ready to ski better at the bigger ski area's. The other So Cal areas will only make you hate crowds or maybe get you hurt in a collision with a guy on a cell phone bluetoothed to his lame ass helmet.
"If it's white its all right, green or brown just go around"

FREE Ski Season Passes Available at Mt Baldy

For Baldy fans or anybody skiing and snowboarding on a budget in Southern Cal will love this tidbit of news.

Mt Baldy is giving away season passes. I know, I know, I had to read it twice. Here is what I found:

I felt compelled to call the ski area directly and see if this was on the up and up. Sure enough it is. They told me it is some that the Mt Baldy Chamber of Commerce is doing to promote the mountain.

Grabbed a pair of season passes for myself.


Re: FREE Ski Season Passes Available at Mt Baldy

Thanks for posting this info!!! They sold out of the passes last week but then they reopened the deal again this morning with a bunch more available--I got mine when they had 400 and 1/2 hour later there were only 199 left. The admin fee for the pass is now $49, but still the best deal out there! Thanks again for the post.


Sure Baldy has its good days. I went at least 10 times last year. But to give it so much prestige and to ramble. bla bla bla. Dude itll never be as good as mammoth or park city. Its under funded and poorly taken care of. The mountain faces multiple directions and lacks consistency. It will never be a Park City or Mammoth. I went one day and the lifts were closed at the top untill 930 because the lift operators were still at home snoozing. The map that shows the expansion site has had like 3 separate opening dates. Its never going to open man face it! Ill still go and hell ya I have fun riding at Baldy. But in order to stop the whining this place needs to upgrade an make themselves look good, maybe make there own snow. The mountain is for sure more challenging than any other resort in socal which keeps you feending while you wait on the chair lift from circa 1930. Socal mountains are not worth bragging about. None of them!! Overall I give this place a 7. Score yourself some cheap tix and see for yourself.

P.S. Dont take your brand new sleds unless Baldy gets dumped on. The workers dont clean out rocks on the runs. Youll be shredding hard gs turns on a run the next second you have a massive core shot.

hmm Unnecessary?

God forbid Baldy ever becoming another "Park City". And by the way; I have been in sections of Mt Baldy that were just as good as Mammoth. If you knew about the Bowls and chutes on the Backside, or some hidden stashes high above the parking lot, then you would understand. Mammoth is great as we all know. But,a 5 hour drive and $94 dollar lift ticket? Give me a break.

sure, i'll bite

Looks like a good troll.

It's ridiculous to think Baldy will ever be as good as either of those, it's not even close to that level, I agree, nor will it ever be. Then again, if you want Mammoth or PC, then go there! ;)

It's the decidedly non-commercial "mom+pop" feel that gives this place a vibe I like. Or maybe it's the old tank-parts they like to call chair lifts. Or maybe it's the steep, challenging terrain. Or the scruffy locals that run the place. I like the fact that this place is a scrappy little hill with enough steeps to freak a lot of people out. Nothing more, nothing less.

Slow to open? Yep. Stockton Flats will never happen? Yep. Will keep riding there? Yep.

You sir, are a loser

Way to abuse the review process. If I wanted to read THIS review I would have searched under "Douchebags who love Baldy."

I'm sure Baldy is great, but this review and its location are ridiculous.

Grow up.

Review process abusing, Baldy loving "Douchebags"

Yes such an abuse... And You Sir Charles Riley are a kook.
Please introduce yourself sometime so you can tell me to grow up in person. I'll make sure you will eat my cold smoke as I pass your silly ass like you are standing still.

whats a "pro" skier??,

whats a "pro" skier??, anyway skiing challenging conditions like what you find in so cal most of the time will make you a better skier - ice, crud, mashed potatotoes, mank, junk and on the good days powder or great spring corn. Anyone can ski utah champaign pow

Answer: What is a pro skier?

Remember back in the '70ies. Hank Kashiwa and the Mayer Twins. How about Spider Savitch?? Ahh professional skiers. They probably made enough to eat and by gas. Chicks were the real pay I would estimate. An AIDS free play field. Awsome.

Hank is probably now a ski tech at Oshman's sporting goods.

Mr. Gaff


A pro skier. That's easy. Remember Hank Kashawa and the Mayer twins? or however you spell their names. The 70ies "pro skiers". These were pro skiers. They made just enough to ruin their lives, and ensure they will never really enjoy a retirement. It must have been nice back then, no AIDS or anything.

I used to ski, but too expensive for me now. Hell, I'm trying to send kids to college. Plus you might consider skiing a bit narcissistic. I mean, like surfing, you are using gravity to pull you down a hydro hill. Hell you should be in the library trying to find a cure for cancer or something, compared to feeling the snow pass under your p-tex ski bottoms.


Hear! Hear! Long live

Hear! Hear! Long live Baldy.

Baldy reviews

The review with the "1" rating was from last year when snow cover was inadequate. So the problem is not necessarily that the poster doesn't know how to ski, but that he doesn't know Baldy and follow the weather closely enough to determine independently whether there is adequate coverage.

I'm sure Paul didn't set foot on Baldy in 2007 because he probably knew better.

^ 07 bad o8' epic

^ you are absolutley right. I went up there once last year I think, not sure maybe 3. It was Baldy's worst year in history, so I guess the guy who was pissed has a right to be mad. Plus I was in Utah for a while too that year; However even on big years like 06' or this year, I still hear people bitching about this or that, because they are not a custom to steeps that are not like a freeway and groomed perfectly, or they decide to go up when the wind is blowing like 60 miles per hour...and then they don't have to sence to go into the middle of the bowls or trees to where the snow loads up. Anyway- I was a bit harsh on the dude- I hope he actually comes back up this year, to see it good, because it really is epic this year as many have in the past.


Paul PK

I know this is an old post but what does this guy Paul think he is. Is he a lawyer for Mt. Baldy? Why would somebody work so hard to convince other people how wrong they are about Mt. Baldy? I wonder if he owns stock or is part of the chair of owners? I wonder if he gets paid dividends or something?

I've been to Mt Baldy and maybe alot of what he's saying is true. I don't know about all this "common sense" on where to go and all these statements. For one not everybody is a "pro". Also it seems that this person knows this place very well. I don't think every point he made is so obvious to someone who has not gone there as long as he has. I've been there and no matter what he or anybody says, that place is an afternoon mountain because it is very icy in the mornings. The only time I saw a difference was in the spring time. Then at that time of the year the snow is dwindelling away. You would have to be a pro to go to all fabulous places he's talking about. Maybe they should call it "PRO ONLY BALDY". The conditions are only so great up there on the great years he's mentioning, in 2007 that place did suck. I didn't see the place offerring half off! Those people act like they are doing you a favor to let you ski there. I think the staff there has bad attitudes because they know they are the only choice that is close to Los Angeles and the OC. They have a chain of business because of this reason, and this reason only. They don't have to face the real world they get to be there weird selves up on a mountain.

Also, one thing I did notice at this place is the fact that they have all these people who buy tickets to do "sight seeing", not "skiing". That was so weird! All these pros like Paul don't say anything because they worship Mt. Baldy? I thought, how come nobody is complaining that all these people who didn't buy a lift ticket are in front of me. A lift ticket is like 5 times the cost of this sight seeing crap. This resorts bread and butter is "sightseeing".

So I would think all these pro skiers like Paul would have a voice about that, but I don't hear it. I know for sure that is what I was thinking, "this is pretty lame waiting behing families that are sight seeing". Then you can't even sit any where to eat because of all these non-skiers. That's the reality I saw. I obviously haven't spent the time there like others, but I did see that, again "common sense".

Pro or not nobody can argue about those facts because they are true. Anything different is denial. Also, there are no other resorts that I've seen that make skiers wait for people who paid 1/5 the price. That's a bunch of B.S.

That place is old, and if the people were not so desperate for money like Paul is to defend all this crap. Then they would tell people upfront that it is very windy or icy before they took everybody's money. Then people would have a choice, and they would not be able to blame the resort. The fact is the resort does not do that, therefore they have this same kind of complaint from different people that don't even know eachother. That's also "common sense" in my opinion.

So Paul go get a PR job with baldy so you can get paid for your passion. You seem to be there # 1 fan. If they can just get a 1000 more of you then....

'PK- it is I

Ok well point taken I think. Yes this is Paul. "PK" what have you. and the truth is I am not a shareholder or any sort of owner. I wish I could say that was the case though. I am just a passionate freeskier who has put in the time and years to really understand and know that High level skiing can be found here in Southern California. For better of worse I have spent most of my life skiing. I would say it's a borderline addiction for me, as it is for a rare group of people who have lived their lives around attaining that perfect moment. And then chasing that moment over and over again. It could be those few seconds of the feeling of your stomach going into your throat dropping a cliff, or maybe carving big steep turns in untouched Powder. The reality is Mt. Baldy provides the terrain to "get" that type of experience more than any other ski area down here. Not to say that there is not epic terrain other places, such as Waterman, or even certain secret slots in Wrightwood, or Big Bear. I actually grew up in Wrightwood, and know if you want it you can get it. You just may have to go out of bounds to do so. And speaking of backcountry skiing in Southern Cal. The front face of Mt San Jacinto Peak on the way to Palm Springs is considered by some to be some of the most "extreme" mountaineering (or skiing) in North America. Next time you are driving East on the 10 freeway check out the Chutes from the top. You can see them looming High up from the Freeway. They are majestic, scary steep, and right here in So Cal.

So It's all not about Baldy, but to be able to reach true Double Black Diamond terrain from a lift is really special. That is where I'm coming from when I talk about Baldy. I know they have their challenges, especially being privately owned. They do not have the corporate "backing" that other ski areas have here. So I guess they have to do what they have to do with the "sightseeing" and "old lifts" etc. But in a way it's a double edged sword. I would hate to see Baldy get bought out and turned into a "Walmart" type of ski resort, like so many have become. But without that $$$ backing they need to get creative just like any other business to stay afloat and yes, even make a profit. It's a huge task to run anything that depends deeply on weather and something that can be at the mercy of lawsuits and insurance, investors, economy etc.

In short, I suggest you come ski with me. Come check out some of the pitches that would blow your mind. You would not believe that you are only 50 miles or so from the Ocean or a giant city. Many people up there know me, and know my passion for skiing. It may be just a bit more aggressive than the average skier out there, but that is the point. You just have to get to those spots at the right time to know. Check the weather with your own tools and don't rely on anyone's ski report or weather forecast. Wake up EARLY, even at dawn on big Pow days to deal with the roads, weather, and crowds. Then finally go past your comfort level once in a while and seek some hidden stashes.
It doesn't even have to be at Baldy, eventhough your chances are better there to experience something "sick". (You know what I mean). Until then let's pray that all these storms turn cold, so the snow can fall deep!! See you on some steep pitch with smiles.

ps I have been bugging MB to do pr and marketing for years. No official dream job yet :)

Baldy Owes Me Nothing

love baldy, i'll suffer several less than epic (still better than work) days for one decent day there. I've rode so many places and there was one day at Baldy that I still consider the best day yet. There are a lot of hills packed to the gills with styled out bluebirds brimming with the delusion of self entitlement. Thank God I can go to Baldy and get away from those people.

love the bluebird line

love the bluebird line