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18 Feb 2010
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1 (Awful)
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Most of us knows what president’s day is. Washington's Birthday is the official name designated to what many of us know as President's Day. Just to add a spicy to this topic, Presidents' Day become popularized in the mid-1980s as a holiday honoring both Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Happy President's Day (though it's already over) everyone, and here's some interesting trivia: President's Day rarely, if ever, falls on the actual birthday of a former President. It usually isn't close to either Washington's Birthday (February 22nd) or Lincoln's Birthday (February 12th). Also, President's Day is celebrated differently by state – Alabama for instance, calls it Washington and Jefferson Day, though Jefferson's birthday is in April and he was from Virginia. (He also wasn't Washington's biggest fan, and wasn't about to get payday loans or anything for a floral arrangement for Hamilton's funeral. Hamilton wasn’t Jefferson's biggest fan either.) Another tidbit – Washington created the precursor to the Purple Heart, and was the only President to issue it.

This post was really stupid

Overall rating 1 "Awaful"? Snowcrest Snowplay Area? "Spicy topic"? So stupid...

Nothing to do with skiing at all. What is this?

Take the "Presidents day" history lesson off the site

Um Jennifer. What the hell is this? ^ Thanks for the strange president's day lesson/random rant, But..... NONE OF US CARE!

Re: Take the "Presidents day" history lesson off the site

It would benefit the site to allow only logged-in members the privlige to comment and post reviews for this online community.

In the case above, "Jennifer" is a member. The rude anonymous guest who replied as a 'hater' doesn't speak for anyone we really know of when he or she says that none of us care. This isn't a site to badmouth people, even if their comments are off topic. Why waste your time anyway?

A lot of the anonymous guests this winter have posted negative comments. Show yourselves to be more than angry skiers and boarders and become a member and log in.

Hi Ski Vita As the owner of

Hi Ski Vita

As the owner of the site I appreciate your comments. I've noticed the comments and have been somewhat tolerant so far. I've tried to take the free speech approach assuming nothing vulgar was said.

Also making everyone login reduces the number of comment/reviews we get, perhaps I'll just do a bit more editing of rude posts.

If it continues I'll take further action to remove them.

Thanks spope

Thanks for doing a great job in keeping this site alive. I know it was resurected a few years back and I appreciate your interest in keeping people informed on the So Cal wintersports scene. I agree that you might have less people interested in posting reviews if they have to sign up for an account. Keep up the good work and, for the benfit of the site, hopefully the anonymous haters will just go away.

Thanks Yea, there's always


Yea, there's always going to be the few that get their kicks off blasting people online. I just ignore it.

Let me know if you have any suggestions and I'll try to make em happen.


Are you serious? Some weirdo decides to post something that has nothing to do with skiing, snow, or anything else. But she's "on a mission" inform all of us the history of "Presidents Day"? Neat!

Maybe next we'll get to read about how the swallows flock to San Juan Capistrano every year. Or better yet how about an essay on pre World War 1 economics? Perfect "freedom of speech" for "So Cal's oldest skiing and boarding site"!