Mt. Waterman 02/21/09

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Mount Waterman
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21 Feb 2009
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Packed Powder
Secondary snow surfaces: 
Secondary snow surfaces: 
I loved: 
Great Conditions and weather. Great group of people on the slopes today.
I hated: 
Having to wait all week (M-F) for it to open!!
Lift/trails closed: 
Everything open. Skiiers and Boarders were spitting out of the trees and out on to the highway for about 1/2 mile away in each direction of the parking area and chair 1.
Liftline waits: 
Quality of moguls: 
No real moguls today but def by tomorrow
Plenty of natural jumps.

When Mt. Waterman is open then it is a good day no matter what. When the snow is fresh and the entire mountain is covered, then it is a really good day. So, when the mountain is open with great snow and nice weather and everyone is friendly and having a great time, and then a bike race on Rt. 2 closes the access road limiting the number of people who can actually get to the ski area...well, then you are sharing your really good day with a really cool group of lucky people, and you have a story to tell about one of your favorite days at Waterman. See photos I posted.

yesterday was a really fun

yesterday was a really fun day at waterman. The people were awesome and the skiing was endless.

post a review!

sunday at Waterman

I'm curious about Sunday's conditions at the big W. Saturday had
some surprising soft snow love, considering the warm-up; I was more worried about the wind turning west Friday night and glazing the crap
out of everything with the dreaded Ocean Effect. But Saturday rocked,
and I'd love to hear if Sunday was a good follow-up.


how was the snow since it has just been sitting there for a couple days

RE: Sweet

Good comment--exactly what I was worried about--and that is why I was having a hard time waiting all week till Sat. The snow was in good shape considering it had been sitting there for 4-5 days, but I think that at some point during the week the area got a little dusting because the surface was a little lighter than several inches below. Also, the temps were not too warm up there during the week; and on Sat, although it was a little warm, the sun really never broke through the winterish cool hazy layer that blanketed the southland.

I have never been to

I have never been to waterman, How are the crowds there on weekends????

you wont have to

you wont have to worry about that. virtually unknown. :D