Mt baldy waterskiing

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Mount Baldy
Start Date: 
22 Feb 2009
Duration in days: 
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Primary snow surface: 
Secondary snow surfaces: 
I loved: 
a short run down the tube with descent snow
I hated: 
slush, snowplayers, beginners, mt baldy lying about the snow depth, and having to waterski some of the runs to chair 1
Lift/trails closed: 
none, but some could be very soon
Liftline waits: 
1 minute tops
Quality of moguls: 
slow snow+moguls=lots of work
a competition going on

not quite the dry powder we had last weekend. skiing was almost more of a pain than fun. the wind seemed to have stripped the snow as more rocks were visible than december. nice snow at the higher elevations but only the top few runs down to chair 1 were worth it.

Mt Baldy waterskiing? BS

^ Not sure where your going with this post. I was there that day, and all the upper runs had good snow, everything that faced north was packed powder or at worst, almost Spring conditions It was tracked out yes, but I can assure you every ski area in so cal had slush or sticky snow on the lower runs. this was do to a warm front which hung around for about 3 days, after a week of incredible deep powder. we actually went to where it was very steep and north facing and found some rippable chalky steep and consistent turns. If you had any sense you would go find those spots when it gets unseasonably warm.


welll the snow was still pretty deep and thats why it was a problem on some of the lower runs where the snow was very wet and difficult to turn in. i didnt say it was all bad if you read my post right

I guess people take it

I guess people take it personally : )


and literally